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About Perfect 32

Perfect 32 is the best Advanced Dental Clinic in Navi Mumbai here to provide you with high-quality dental care services. We also intend to bring to you ‘Dentistry’ that is not only professional but which also exudes ‘Artistry’ of a unique kind.
Our ‘Dentists’ are also certified experts in all the latest dental treatments and procedures available to mankind. So, be it orthodontics, cosmetic, and even pediatric dentistry we cater to all your needs to flash your lost confident ‘SMILE’, by touching your teeth with ‘THE HAND OF THE DENTIST’.

About Founder

‘A Man with a Vision’ would be the best word to describe Dr. Ketan Revanwar our founder who has founded the ‘Perfect 32 Advanced Dental Clinic’. He is a Dental Surgeon possessing 10 years of clinical experience in Dentistry.

Furthermore, he is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatments, dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation.

More importantly, in the last ten years he has provided more than 10,000 patients with the ‘Perfect’ Dental Service by delivering to them 100% satisfaction.

Mission / Vision Statement

  • Dentistry done with genuine ‘Artistry’ is what we at the ‘Perfect 32 Advanced Dental Clinic’ aim to achieve. We essentially intend to encourage you to maintain a good oral health so that you can live life with a lot of confidence.
  • More importantly, we are one of the Best Dental Clinic in Navi Mumbai, and want to be the real ‘Reason’ behind your smile every day and for every ‘Season’.

Dr. Akshay

‘Knowledge and Experience’ is what Dr. Akshay brings to the ‘Dentist’ chair. He has completed his post-graduation from the prestigious St. George’s Hospital in Mumbai in the prosthodontics and implantology department.

In addition, he also has vast experience in implantology and dental cosmetic treatment, and has been trained under Dr. Stefan Idhe (Switzerland) in basal implantology. It is due to his extensive experience in cosmetic Dentistry that he also served as mentor in the Implantology section in his Alma mater St. George’s Hospital.

Dr. Prathamesh Jalindre

A ‘Gold Medalist’ in the field of Periodontology, Dr Prathamesh Jalindre completed BDS in the year 2012 from MMDC, Belgaum (RGUHS). He further completed his MDS in Orthodontics from MGV Dental college, Nasik (MUHS) in 2015.

Additionally, he also officially completed training in Buteyko breathing method of functional breathing, sleep apnoea, sleep disordered breathing and myobrace treatment protocol taught by by Patrick Mackeown at MRC in Australia in 2019. As of today, he is successfully practicing Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics in Navi Mumbai for the last 6 years. He also is a specialist in lingual orthodontics, and also has consultant doctors visiting his clinic on a regular basis.

Our Advantages

  • Get a Proper Initial Dental Assessment
  • Availability of all types of Dental Services under one roof.
  • Ensure safety with credentials.
  • Come experience a Dental Implant of a lifetime
  • Experience Dental Renovation with Innovation.
  • Aquire Finance for top quality Dentistry
  • Ensure your Dental Health is Perfect at a reasonable cost
Motivation is easy

Our Core Values

Our Clinic

At the ‘Perfect 32 Advanced Dental Clinic’ we intend to give you not only a good ‘Dental’ service but also help you find a suitable ‘Dentist’ who is the ideal match for your family. In our clinic, we want to bring to you, a service that genuinely takes care of each and every one.

We Strive For

  • Perfect Dental Experience
  • Providing that Perfect Smile
  • Happiness Specialists
  • Your Perfect Dental Homes